Dutchmen fly to victory over Scots

Netherlands 210 (Van der Merwe 73, Davey 3-36) and 123 (Rippon 37, Davey 3-43) defeat Scotland 133 (Taylor 46, Kingma 4-36) and 156 (Berrington 59, Borren 4-1) by 44 runs

Who would win in a battle between a lion and a unicorn, the respective national animals of Holland and Scotland? While it would seem at first that a lion would savage a unicorn, given its raw skills in the wild, you could also argue that a unicorn with its magical abilities could be capable of defying the laws of physics by virtue of its magic. It seems disappointing that a question like this would probably garner more interest in these two countries than that which was caused by their dynamic cricket match.

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